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The Valley of Provender is the breadbasket of the Four Valleys Confederacy.  Once an endless forest encompassing the entirety of the valley, settlers have clear-cut much of the forest in the name of progress, and farmlands now spread across the treeless landscape.  With mounting pressure to produce enough food for an exploding population, the Magocracy has turned to the so called "Harvest Witches" to help bolster crop yields.   

Villages and towns are scattered about, and the capital, Elan Vital, resides in the central region of the valley.  A council of five mages, simply known as the Magocracy, govern the land, and their representatives have been placed as leaders of the smaller villages and towns.  

An agreement has been reached with the "Harvest Witches" to halt the clear-cutting practices of local farmers.  Although only a fraction of the once great forest remains, the standing forestland is not to be underestimated: vicious monsters, forgotten ruins, ancient magic, and sentient beings are whispered to be hidden away in the shadows.  

Adventurers have been hired by the Buckman Trade and Supply company to retrieve a shipment from the small river village of Westwood.   

Main Page

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