Frigid Valley

The Frigid Valley supplies the bulk of raw earth materials and arms for the Four Valleys Confederacy.  Mountain Dwarves and Rock Gnomes are the predominant races, but all are welcome within the mountain capital of Hammersmith.  The dwarves, although accepting of all Confederacy members, are not prone to wasting words on strangers.  Gnomes on the other hand are a friendly, jolly race, and they are quick to show off their complex inventions to interested (and uninterested) parties.

The Frigid Valley gets its name from the everlasting winter that haunts the land.  Only the hardiest can make their home in this land of ice and snow.  Scholars, mages, and even druids have investigated the cause of such a weather phenomena, but none have the slightest idea of what causes the relentless cold.  

Mines are numerous throughout the valley.  Thoughtless, emotionless machinations of the dwarves and gnomes tirelessly work to harvest the precious minerals that are housed within the earth.  Only these constructs can endure being exposed to the freezing cold for hours and days on end.

Scattered settlements are present throughout the valley, built near, or even upon, lava pools.  Most citizens of the Frigid Valley reside within mountain cities, hiding away from the cold in the warming grasp of their underground architectural and mechanical achievements.   


Frigid Valley

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