Valley of Provender

The Valley of Provender is the breadbasket of the Four Valleys Confederacy.  Once an endless forest encompassing the entirety of the valley, settlers have clear-cut much of the forest in the name of progress, and farmlands now spread across the treeless landscape.

Humans are the predominant race within the valley, and only a handful of non-humans claim permanent residence.  The locals are generally friendly to all travelers, assuming said travelers aren't troublemakers.  Farming is the largest profession, but other commercial needs can be met in towns and Elan Vital, the capital.     

The Valley of Provender has no formal standing army, and it relies on local militias for the defense of villages, towns, and Elan Vital.  With mountains making up the valley's borders and membership in the Confederacy, the local militias have enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace.  The only cause for alarm is from the occasional bandit or when a monster wanders to close from the forestland or the southern mountains.  The militias are not battle hardened, and the commoners would quickly fold in real combat.    

The farmers of the valley worship Chauntea, goddess of agriculture.  It is believed by the locals that "Harvest Witches" were sent by Chauntea personally to bless their crops.  Those living in larger towns and Elan Vital worship Azuth, god of wizards.  Azuthans believe not just magic should be approached with logic and reason but life itself.  

Valley of Provender

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